PDF Barcode labelling test


prints code128 barcodes on labels sheets.

This page uses code128barcode.class.php
(class and these examples provided in the tarball).
By Thomas Harding
Distribution and modifications alloweds according the terms of GNU LGPL.
The class products a zeros and ones suit, suitable for any purpose (here: pdf printing of the barcodes).
                $barcode = new code128barcode();
                $code = $barcode->output('code string');
                $code = $barcode->output('another code string');
                $barcode->->nozerofill = true;
                $code = $barcode->output('plain width barcode');
                $barcode->unoptimized = true;
                $code = $barcode->output('laposte colissimo 123456 barcode');
a very simple example with GD is here.

Needed fpdf class (Also free software) is disponible at http://fpdf.org

Optional LGPL PrintIPP class (for direct printing) is disponible at www.nongnu.org.

Code128 barcode specifications be found HERE.

Predefined sheets: Colissimo Plain width
Page type Start label labels / row labels / column
Following dimensions are specified in millimeter:
margin top margin bottom margin left margin right
Note: Only ASCII characters are allowed in "code"
code Qty. Optional text delete